Every client has different hair, color, style, needs and interests. The Color Lab 1 Hair Salon provides a free consultation to each client so we can better determine what will work best for them. Whether a new color, the type of color process, haircut, style, or just seeking a different look, we are there to help. The Color Lab 1 Hair Salon offers a variety of hair treatment services, ranging from deep conditioning to repair treatment.

Single Process Color ($45-$85)

Permanent color penetrating the hair shaft, giving hair new color that grows out. Great for covering gray or dramatically changing hair color.

Demi-Permanent Color ($45-75)

Demi-Permanent Color penetrates the hair shaft and deposits color. It cannot lighten the hair. It can darken the hair and is also great for blending a small amount of gray.

Highlights ($35-85)

Accent hair color with highlights that can be applied using several techniques. Hair color is pre-lightened from selected strands of hair that can be toned to a desired shade.

Lowlights ($35-75)

Using the same technique as highlights, lowlights gives the hair more depth by applying darker shades to selected strands of hair.

Balayage ($125-180)

Balayage is gentler on the hair, and since hair lightens in stages, you can maintain more tonal value and be less dependent on glazing. Balayage allows the colorist to connect with his or her inner artist, which is why most of us chose this technique in the first place, and also allows one to create the ultimate in color customization.

Ombré ($125-180)

Pre-lighten the lengths and add a pastel for a low-maintenance look that grows out gently for the client looking for change without the commitment.

Japanese Straightening ($100-250)

Process utilizes same as perm, breaking down protein bonds within the hair and chemically altering them. The bones are broken down with a straightening solution and then reconnected with a flat iron in a straight position. Hair will remain straight until it naturally grows out in about three to four months to preserve the longevity of the service. The system combines hair-regenerating proteins such as collagen and keratin.

Brazilian Keratin treatment ($130-250)

We mainly use Brazilian Keratin blowout solution Treatment and can also work upon clients request to suit the need on different hair texture. such as Aldehyde-free & Formaldehyde-free Keratin Treatment. The service will smooths the hair and leaves hair full-bodied & frizz free for up to 6 weeks to 3 months.

Corrective Color (price upon consultation)

Is your current color too dark or light? Uneven or just not looking right? We can correct most types of color.

Double Process Blonde ($60-150)

A pure platinum (white) hair from the roots to the ends

Cut & Style ($18-35)

For Men and Women. Whether a simple trim is what you need or you’re seeking a new style, we got you covered.

Shine/Color Gloss ($35)

A great way to add shine to your natural hair. It also helps seal in hair color and helps prevent it from fading.

Conditional hair treatment - Seaweed ($25)

Revitalizing treatment for aging hair

Conditional hair treatment - Green Tea ($55)

Restore shine and definition to all kinds of chemical treated hair

Olaplex treatment ($65)

This is an incredibly effective, deeply restorative treatment. It reconnects bonds inwhich are naturally broken during all kinds of chemical processes

Deess's MEU ($75)

One of the well known products from Japan that bathe your hair in rich nurturing ingredients of Noiraudepro which included high keratin and collagen. This treatment instantly restores body, bounce and shine to tired thirsty hair.